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Travel Hacks To Travel Hassle Free Like A Pro

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We all love a holiday and the chance to travel, but many times thr 'getting there' element of a holiday is just a pain and can even dampen your holiday vibe. With plenty of advice from travel insiders, airport staff and well seasoned frequent flyers, we've gathered some easy to implement tips make make your journeys smoother and in turn so much more enjoyable so you land with an eased expression on your face.


  1. Book your flight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when there are usually better deals.
  2. Check out Kayak for flight cost comparisons. They also have a handy chart predicting when the best time to buy your flight is so you have a greater chance to book the best deal.
  3. If you don't want to waste a day when you land catching up on sleep instead of actually holidaying, we recommend that you book an overnight 9(red-eye) flight which will give you sufficient time to sleep in-flight.
  4. It turns out that overnight flights also tend to be cheaper, especially if they fly during off-peak hours.
  5. It is said that morning flights experience less turbulence, so if you're not a fan of air travel perhaps a morning flight would be best.
  6. Avoid booking a flight for the day before Christmas or other important holidays as the airports are jam packed and delays are to be expected.
  7. If you travel often perhaps it is worth joining a frequent flyer program to get loyalty rewards. They are also useful if you have to reschedule a cancelled flight. Think of all the upgrades you could get.


  1. WIth aisle seats you get extra aisle space, an arm rest and pretty much easy access to the loo. But keep your elbows in during drinks and food service otherwise you could get a nasty knock from one of the trolleys.
  2. With a window seat you get an arm rest and spectacular views.
  3. If you want to get some shut-eye on an overnight flight, the window and aisle seats are best. Avoid middle seats.
  4. The front of the plane tends to be quieter and doesn't shake as much so it's a good place for those that want more peace and quiet.
  5. Use Seat Guru to pick good seats on your flight.
  6. You can request to be seated near the Emergency Exits which have more leg room. But bear in mind that you won't be allowed to sit there with children or if you're wearing heels. You also have to stow away all of your hand luggage as nothing is allowed to block the path to the exit.

How to Find Best Seat on Flight


  1. When you're boarding your flight, be nice to the flight crew and you might just get better quality service during your flight.
  2. Rechargeable battery packs come in very handy to recharge your mobile during transit. Take more than one depending on the usual length of your flight.
  3. We were surprised to hear this, but you can take booze on board as long as it is under 3oz and can all fit (along with any other hand luggage liquids) in a recommended size zip-lock bag. But of course, please check with your airline and the airport as these rules may change depending on where you are travelling to and from.
  4. Wear socks with your shoes so you can take of your shoes and walk around in-flihght. This is especially good for longer flights and for those with circulation issues.
  5. Compression socks are good to aid circulation in flight. They also aid with jet lag, but you'll need to wear them for more than 5 consecutive hours.
  6. Undisturbed time on flights come in handy to catch up on work or reading. Use 'bookmarking' or 'read them later' apps to create reading lists.
  7. To keep your skin hydrated during long flights, keep some hand cream at bay as well as a facial mist. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine during your flight.


  1. To make it easier to spot your bag at baggage reclaim, tie an inexpensive, colourful ribbon to the handle of your bag. Make sure it's not a long ribbon otherwise it may get caught in the conveyer belt.
  2. IOt's handy to take a photo of your luggage before checking it in, in the case that the bag gets lost in transit, It will make it easier to identify and find.
  3. If you haven't had the chance to weigh your luggage at home, insptead of paying for the baggage scales at the airport, use one of the unattended check-in counter sclaes instead.
  4. To protect your checked-in luggage from scratches and dents, wrap your suitcase with clingfilm. Use the supermarket kind instead of paying to use the film wrap at the airport. But be sure to only wrap your luggage after knowing that it is within the weight limit of the airline or unwrapping the film to remove heavy items could turn into a real pain.
  5. Stick a 'FRAGILE' sticker on your luggage to be checked-in as fragile bags are usually loaded last on the plane and therefore are the first to be removed and show up on the conveyer belt.
  6. Don't put fragile, breakable things in your check-in luggage as checked-in bags are thrown left, right and centre. If you have to, make sure you wrap it in clothing several times to cushion the fall.
  7. Track your luggage using a Trakdot device.


  1. Ear discomfort is a serious nuisance when flying with kids. Pack some sugarfree chewing gum in your hand luggage for toddlers as chewing helps equalize ear pressure. Also ask for some water for them to sip on as swallowing helps. And for babies, have their dummy or milk ready.


  1. Try not to wear a belt when travelling as you'll be made to take it off during security checks.
  2. Pack all of your jewellery into a ziplock bag to prevent it from going walksies in your bag following security checks.
  3. If someone is picking you up at the airport when you arrive, have them collect you in the Departures area instead of the Arrivals area as there is less of a herd of people waiting around. Plus it's easierto catch a cab since there are constant drop-offs.
  4. When queuing for the check-in or any other line for that matter, go to the one that's furthest away which will be likely to be shorter - because it's the furthest away.
  5. Always carry two wallets with you. One as your usual wallet containing  some cash and your debit card. And the other wallet should be concealed and should hold the majority of your cash. There are many hidden travel wallets that you can buy cheaply. They hug your body under your clothes so that you won't be pick-pocketed.
  6. Don't carry all of your cash on you. Get creative with where you store it in your hand luggage. You can hide your cash  inside rolled up socks for example or in between the pages of a book.
  7. Download the FLIO app for your mobile. It informs you of all of the amenities available at the airport plus offers you deals on things like food and lounges for over 800 airports in the world. And it connects you to the airport Wi-Fi quicker in seconds by saving your form data.Download FLIO App
  8. To get extra inter net while using the airport Wi-Fi, turn back the time on your device. But we warn you, keep note of the time using your watch instead otherwise you could run into several scheduling issues.
  9. Should you run out of wifi at the airport, you may be able to tap into restaurant and VIP lounge wifi networks by going onto Yelp or FourSquare and looking through the comments. Quite often people post the internet passwords up there.
  10. Prepare some snacks at home, especially if you're travelling with children, and pack them in your bag. It will save you a bit of cash as things at the airport are always a bit pricey.
  11. The walking conveyer belsts at the airport are only a faster route from A to B if you're walking on them otherwise they're just a good excuse to rest.
  12. Take a photo of your boarding pass or scan it in using your airline app in the case tha you lose it.
  13. If you have long transfer times between flights, pack a power splitter in your hand luggage as it will allow you to have more open charging ports.
  14. If you don't have any hand luggage to place in the overhead compartment, it may be worth boarding towards the end. That way, you avoid the crowds.
  15. On the other hand, if you have lots of hand luggage to put away, it's best to board as soon as possible so you can snag an overhead compartment above your seat.


  1. Check-in online in advance and book your seat to expidite your time at the airport.
  2. When packing liquids like your perfume, put thm in a zip lock bag before wrapping it in clothing. That way, if they do break at least they won't leak all over your clothing.
  3. You can buy a portable weight checker which is small and lightweight so you can always know how much your bags weigh and avoid paying any overweight baggage fees.
  4. Photocopy all of your important documents like your passport before travelling and keep them separate to your originals. In case anything should happen to them, at least you will have copies.
  5. Call your bank before you travel as to avoid them blocking your card abroad.
  6. If you will be taking a lot of luggage with you, perhaps it is worth checking with a courier service to see how much it would cost to send your baggage with them instead of hauling suitcases around airports. Many companies offer comparable rates to baggage fees.


  1. When you arrive at your destination and no longer need your flight tickets and boarding passes, make sure to destroy them thoroughly as they contain sensitive personal information which is easy to read using mobile apps that scan bar codes. The same principle applies to not posting photos of your documents or tickets online where the ID number or bar code are seen.

  1. If you forget to pack your adapter, ask the hotel front desk if they have one that you could borrow. It's likely that they will have one in their Lost & Found.
  2. Ask for free things or upgrades if it's a special occasion like your birthday, honeymoon or anniversary. But if you manage to haggle a freebie, don't boast about it as you many get someone in trouble making it less likely that this sort of thing happens in future.
  3. The day before the flight, remember to check the weather forecast for your destination and prepare for the eventualities.
  4. Don't change all of your home currency. Always keep some for your return home. YOu may need it to grab a taxi home.

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