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Top Tips: How To Display & Store Your Jewellery

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If you're a Magpie like myself, you'll find that over the years you have collected quite the number of trinkets. So then comes the dilemma on how to best store them and display them. A jewellery box may not offer enough storage or perhaps not enough organised storage, so having experienced this pickle ourselves, we've sourced several pretty amazing ideas on how to best display and store your gorgeous jewellery.

Many would suggest that the solution to this is to downsize your jewellery collection to mere essentials, but we love our bling FAR too much to do such a thing! Having recently moved into a new house and read the revolutionary book by Marie Kondo on 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying", I whizzed through my house clearing it of all clutter but my lovely sparkle sparks lots of joy, so I've made the most of it and have actually made a feature of the pieces I love most. Here are some great ideas and hacks for showcasing your necklaces, earrings and bracelets...


Frame Jewellery Display

And on a smaller scale...

Jewellery Display Mantelpiece Frame

Bring your jewellery to the forefront and make them a feature in your bedroom or dressing room by hanging standout pieces in a frame, small or large. You can hang these frames on the wall or have standing frames on your dressing table or shelves. It's easy peasy to do and looks great!

How To Create Jewellery Display Frame via Pinterest


We've all seen those standing hand displays to hang your jewellery on. They do look great, but there are other ways that you can hang your jewellery on your dressing table too. We've come across tree stands that are strikingly beautiful and unique. If you can't find one to purchase, you could quite easily make your own. Simply collect a fallen branch from a tree at the park for example and stabilise it with a stand base. You could spary paint it any colour that you like so that it coordinates with your bedroom decor... I'm a big fan of gold spray paint... it adds a touch of decadence and glamour to your display. After it's all set up you can hang your necklaces, bracelets and earrings on different branches - depending on their height from the base - so that they are categorised. Voila!

Jewellery Hanging Tree Display


Why not make a statement and make your sparkles a feature on your bedroom wall? You can use gorgeous reclaimed wood or treated tree branches to hang your jewellery off of on your wall. Crystal pieces catch and reflect the light beautifully so you could end up with a spontaneous play of light being reflected on your bedroom walls.

Jewellery Display Wall Feature Hanging


If you've got a particularly girly and kitsch bedroom, this is a super sweet (pun intended) way to display your jewellery. Simply set up a cupcake tier stand on your dressing table and scatter your beloved trinkets on the different levels by category.


If literature and romance hit the spot for you, this is a heart warming way in which to display some of your jewellery, in particular rings and small earrings. This display would look spectacular bedroom's with a period feel. Just lovely!

Jewellery Display for Rings & Stud Earrings Vintage Book


You could use a conventional jewellery box. Thgere are many on the market that are absolutely gorgeous. I for one got given a lovely mirrored jewellery box with a quirky watermelon print for Christmas last year - makes me smile every time I see it. Or if you fancy seeing your jewellery out, you could make your own standing display box using none other than a cutlery tray. Yup, I said that. Take a look below...

DIY Jewellery Display Box For Necklaces

TK Maxx Mirrored Watermelon Print Jewellery Box

However you display your jewellery and other sparkling accessories (such as belts and brooches), make it your own. You'll find yourself smiling every time you get dressed. Happy accessorsing! x

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